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Let's have a conversation and discuss about your specific needs.


Tel: +33 6 28 59 42 68​


What is e-coaching? 

E-coaching is an interactive way of helping individuals to meet their goals without having to deal with the limitations of space and time. 

The process of e-coaching is more than the technology or the online tools: it is the people. The power of e-coaching and online facilitation is knowing how to build capability to optimise your potential in an international environment. 

E-coaching can assist you with the following challenges in an international context:

- develop a more effective leadership style or manner,

- increase your interpersonal and communication skills, 

- improve your time and stress management,

- recognise and implement effective staff development,

- strengthen your self-confidence, assertiveness and well-being.

What is the e-coaching web plateform? 


The e-coaching web plateform is an innovative online plateform where you can access a personnalised coaching pathway combining the followings:

  • Individual coaching sessions via visioconference with your Professional Coach,

depending on the needs identified by your Professional coach:

  • E-learning videos accessible anytime anywhere (on various leadership development topics including conflict resolution, communication, successful interactions...),

  • Practical educational tools such as web TV, Quizz, Case Studies, Capsules (digital videos).                                                                                                                                   THE E-COACHING WEB PLATEFORM HAS RECEIVED THE 'HR INNOVATION' PRICE BY THE FRENCH CCI (CHAMBRE DE COMMERCE ET DE L'INDUSTRIE FRANCAISE). 

What are the benefits of the e-coaching web plateform? 

FLEXIBILITY                                                EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS                          TAILORED TO YOUR INTERNATIONAL NEEDS


flexible & interactive,                                  the combined package of individual                           your personnalised pathway increase

it removes the limitation                             e-coaching and e-learning allows you                        your ressources to focus on meeting your 

of space and time                                        to remove your barriers more effectively                   professional goals in your international                                                                                                                                                                                 environment.


 What our clients have been saying about e-coaching

"The e-coaching program consisted of 10 coaching sessions via a web plateform which made it easy to access without worrying about confidentiality. During the entire program, Aurelie provided simple and structured tools to help me as a leader to improve the way I communicated with my team'.

Richard Murray, Global Operational Manager at Bupa Care Servives, Australia 

'Aurelie created a calm and secure space for me to explore my working style. She listened with patience and targeted questions, to get an understanding of not just the things I said, but the unsaid things that influenced me at work as well. She helped to provide context to how and why I felt a certain way in my working life, how that might be influencing and impacting the way that I work, and she provided some great strategies to help me relax and improve'.  

Fiona Pugh, Human Resources Consultant at Northern Sydney Local Health District, Australia

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